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The Big Idea The Holy Trinity

Theology 9 D A Rubang 01 12 18 The Big Idea The Holy Trinity This past year we have started our adventure of learning about christianity We have developed many big concepts so far such as the role of the church the life of Jesus and God's gifts to us The main theme of the first semester we have learned about is that Jesus is our lord and savior god is our father and creator and the holy spirit is the bond between them so God is three distinct persons God is in many ways a father but he also carries many other traits about himself such as being omniscient omnipotent transcendent immanent eternal and divine God the father created our world that we live in today which started as a garden with the only humans existing Adam and Eve As well as creating the earth he also created heaven Since He is all powerful we look up to him In this chapter we learned about the many beliefs of god For example deists believe that God created the universe but he takes no further interest in it We also learned the different types of religions with their connections to god s Monotheistic is the belief in one god and polytheistic is the belief in multiple gods God is the first person in the blessed trinity as God the father

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Frédéric Chopin born 1810 is known as the Poet of the Pian

Frédéric Chopin born 1810 is known as the Poet of the Piano for his remarkable compositional abilities melodies and songwriting Over his lifetime Chopin composed dozens of pieces under many different musical forms First and foremost Chopin composed around 10 waltzes which were written in triple meter or ¾ time A waltz is a musical form that was very popular in the Romantic Period and was composed to be danced to In a waltz usually the left hand will play a low single note which relates to the two chords it is followed by For example Chopin's Waltz Op 64 No 2 is in the key of C sharp minor and the left hand begins in the second measure with a low C sharp followed by two higher inverted C sharp minor chords This sets the basis for what a waltz can be shaped into If the left hand is doing this it needs to keep a steady rhythm throughout the entire piece 

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