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Corticosteroid produced synthetically as Medicines

Age body site size of affected area Bandaging sex pregnancy lactation are factors which influenced on the potency of Corticosteroid that will be given Infants are more susceptible to side effects However concern about the safety of topical corticosteroids in children should not result in the child being undertreated Babies and children with mild to moderate eczema are usually prescribed mild topical steroids 

A mild corticosteroid such as hydrocortisone 0 5 or 1 is useful for treating nappy rash and hydrocortisone1 for atopic eczema in childhood If the condition is severe eczema and there is no response to a mild steroid moderate to potent topical corticosteroids may be given for short periods and under medical supervision In case if the eczema flares up moderately potent corticosteroid may be replaced by a stronger potency For feet and hands which have thick skin potent preparations can be used but the face and genital areas which have thinner skin mild and moderately potent preparations are preferred In case of applying corticosteroid to the body folds the occlusive effect increases its potency therefore a milder preparation is better to used When a large area of skin is affected it is better to use a weaker strength Bandaging increases the potency therefore a weaker corticosteroid may be chosen TC have to be used with caution in children and elderly due to larger surface area to body weight ratio and poor skin barrier function in the former and skin fragility in the latter respectively

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Throughout Lord of the Flies, William Golding illustrates

Throughout Lord of the Flies William Golding illustrates a theme of descent into savagery As a group of British boys get stranded on an island the loss of humanity that the boys undergo will soon cause destruction Although most people still consider that man is essentially good Golding's use of children and the evil actions that take place can prove that man is essentially evil As society's standards disappear savagery takes control of Jack which reveals that man is essentially evil Jack s character transforms from rational to obsessive because society's standards were being ignored as the savage acts occurred As the mask is held up Jack began to dance and his laughter became a bloodthirsty snarling Golding 64 Jack sees himself as a new more powerful leader with the mask Since the beginning the mask symbolizes the hiding of people s true identity almost as if Jack needs the mask to cover up the person he is and to let the person he wants to be come out Not only is Jack obsessed with the idea of hunting he is infatuated with the blood that comes along with his prey When Jack first murdered the sow he felt respected and powerful Jack exaggerates that there was lashing of blood Golding 69 which proves that he is thirsty for the blood of his kills As Jack leaves the choir and joins the hunting group all humanity is lost Up until Jack realizes the power he has gained over Ralph and the others he was cooperative with the rules that were made like needing the conch in their possession to speak At the assembly that took place after Sam n Eric saw the beast Jack was screaming wildly as he says See See That's what you ll get I meant that

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