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Traffic characteristics

Traffic characteristics. In the event that we need to think about the Traffic attributes and their expectations, it is appropriate to furnish at any rate their short posting with definitions and shared relations. The three fundamental characteristics in traffic flow theory are flow, speed, and density. Traffic flow. Traffic flow can be additionally found in some literature named as flow, flow rate or volume. Nevertheless, all these terms can be used interchangeably. It is characterized as various vehicles passing a point in a given timeframe. It is typically communicated in units of vehicles per hour vph. Other conceivable units are for example vehicles per hour, per lane, vphpl, passenger car units per hour pcu/hr, or passenger car units per hour per lane pcphpl or in easier readable form pc/h. ln The equation for counting traffic flow is simple where q is traffic flow vph n is number of vehicles passing a spot on the road in a given interval t. The special value of traffic flow is capacity c which defines the maximum hourly rate under prevailing roadway conditions. Since it is convenient to measure traffic flow in 15-minute intervals a quantity called peak hour factor PHF is presented. Hence is obvious that PHF can theoretically be in the interval 0 25 PHF 1 0. Peak hour factor can be understood as an indicator of flow fluctuations within the hour Introduction.

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Color model is an abstract mathematical model representing colors by tuples of numbers

The color model is an abstract mathematical model describing an approach to represent colors by tuples of numbers such as RGB or CMYK Kaur Sahib 2015. Color space is a specific organization of colors. Each specific color model can have different color spaces. Color space is represented in a three-dimensional coordinate system. In the three dimensional systems, each color is represented by a single point. To apply color as a visual cue in computer vision applications image processing and multimedia an appropriate approach to represent the signal of color is required. Color space provides a reasonable approach to recognize order affect and effectively display the colors of the object taken into consideration. The problem's declaration and solution can be addressed by choosing a suitable color model. The knowledge about the way color signals generated and what information needed from the color signal is important during the color model selection process.

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Floyd Warshall’s Algorithm Report.

The topic of the Report Floyd Warshall Algorithm. Introduction. Floyd Warshall Algorithm is used to find the shortest path between all pairs of vertices in a weighted directed graph, with ve or ve edges weights, but with no negative cycles. The benefit to using this algorithm is that the problem is solved in simple and easy steps due to the simplicity of this algorithm. It's slow in finding the shortest distance between only one pair of vertices. This algorithm fails only if there are negative cycles. A negative cycle is a cycle whose edges sum to a negative value. The Floyd Warshall Algorithm depends on a dynamic programming approach. The dynamic version of this algorithm is developed by Robert Floyd in 1962. It's an important graph algorithm for finding the shortest path between all pair of vertices. Methodology Explanation of algorithm Algorithm let V number of vertices in a graphlet dist V x V array of minimum distances which is initialized to for each vertex v dist v v for each edge u v dist u v weight u v for k from 1 to V for i from 1 to V for j from 1 to V if dist i j dist i k dist k j dist i j dist i k dist k j endif. Explanation 1 First we have to give the number of vertices in a graph.

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