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Drying food is one of the oldest methods of preserving Food

Drying food is one of the oldest methods of preserving food However this method of preservation is still very relevant in today's world With more and more dried food products coming onto the market the need for new innovative drying technologies is increasing The principle of dehydrating foods to inhibit the growth of microorganisms is the platform on which new methods such as drying using superheated steam are evolving Superheated steam drying SSD is an innovative method of processing food Its various applications mean that this drying technique has a wide range of possible opportunities and disadvantages In this report I will be looking at how this technique is used in the food industry to process food In particular I will be discussing the principle behind this technology its kinetic modelling and how superheated steam drying is now being applied to process food beyond drying it One area that has garnered a lot of interest in relation to SSD is its capacity to decontaminate certain foods such as wheat grains This review will also strive to investigate the effect of SS drying on the nutritional quality of foodstuffs SSD as an alternative to hot air drying overcomes some of the problems faced by HAD while also favouring the environment 

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There are many theories as to how the universe came to Be

There are many theories as to how the universe came to be how big it is and how big it will expand A little closer to home we have our solar system Its closer distance to the Earth makes it no easier to investigate all of the celestial objects that scientists wish to examine further Over the course of many years astronomers have researched the eight planets two of which being Venus and Uranus These two planets although in the same solar system vary from one another in a multitude of ways from their composition to their atmospheric pressure Venus is sixth largest planet in our solar system with a mass of approximately 4 9 1024 kg Venus Facts Paragraph 1 Venus is the hottest planet hotter than even Mercury in our solar system even though it is the second planet from the sun On average Venus is 108 208 930 km away from the sun Charles Q 2017 This is due to its intense thick atmosphere that captures heat and reaches temperatures as high as 870 Charles Q 2017 Venus s heavy atmosphere creates a surface pressure that s 90 times the intensity of Earth s and is mainly composed of carbon dioxide sulfuric acid and trace amounts of water Charles Q 2017 Venus contains a metallic iron core and a molten mantle it s core being one of the reasons for Venus's lack of a magnetic field Charles Q 2017 Venus is weak magnetic field could also be explained by its slow rotation which may not be fast enough to create a stronger magnetic field Nola Taylor Redd 2012

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