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This chapter deals with the background of the study statement

This chapter deals with background of study statement of the problem purpose of the study significance of the study scope and limitation definition of key terms Each section is presented as bellow Background of the study In translation realia are words and expressions for culture specific material elements According to Grit 2004 p 279 realia are concrete unique phenomena or categorical concepts which are specific for a particular country or culture and which elsewhere have no or at most a partial equivalence Conveying realia in translation is not easy because the translator needs to express the historical and national color of the realia along with its objective meaning Grigor eva 2006 According to Florin 1993 p 123 realia are words and combinations of words denoting objects and concepts characteristic of the way of life the culture the social and historical development of one nation and alien to another Since they express local and or historical color they have no exact equivalents in other languages The term realia is Latin for real things and in translation studies is used to refer to concepts which are found in a given source culture but not in a given target culture Leppihalme 2011 p 126 This is due to the fact that cultures construct reality in different ways According to Leppihalme 2001 p 139 said lexical elements words or phrases that refer to the real world outside language

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Particle Swarm Optimization

Particle Swarm Optimization depends on the aggregate behavior of a colony of insects for example ants bees and so forth a flock of birds or a school of fish The word particle speaks to for instance a honey bee in a state or a fish in a school Each individual in an exceptionally swarm acts mistreatment its own knowledge and the group intelligence of the swarm Accordingly in the event that one particle finds a suitable path the rest of the swarm additionally will be prepared to take after the colossal way in a flash regardless of whether their area is far away in the swarm The PSO creates a random starting populace of particles a possible resolution of the system is represented by every particle and each particle is portrayed by three records position velocity fitness At first every particle is initialized with a random velocity in flight it powerfully modifies the speed and position of particles through their own particular flight involvement individual best position and in addition their neighbor s global best position In this manner the entire gathering will travel to the search area with higher wellness through constant learning and updating

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