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The Early Middle Ages were a period in European History

The Early Middle Ages were a period in European history from the fall of the Holy Roman Empire in 476 AD to roughly 1000 AD The Early Middle Ages are the first subdivision of the Middle ages 476 AD 1400 AD a period between the aforementioned fall of Rome and the Renaissance The Early Middle Ages are characterized by an instability throughout Europe During the rule of the Roman Empire Centurions kept peace between the many peoples within the empire built roads and Aqueducts and defended the empire from foreign invaders When the empire fell these centurions left the empire with it opening the villages to attack by foreign invaders mostly Germanic such as the Visigoths and Vandals Who sacked many villages and towns Rome included These invaders forced many people to leave their homes and prevented stable agriculture As a result many people went hungry However dark the chaos seemed monasteries and cloisters throughout Europe kept the light of Christ alive These sheltered communities copied books educated people tended to the sick sheltered travelers assisted the poor and prayed to God daily 

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