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World History I Research Assignment

World History I Research Assignment I Q A Transcript What events or experiences in your childhood influenced your approach to government I was born in Berlin in 1620 as the only son of the elector at the time George William and Elizabeth Charlotte Frederick William Roider I apathetically attended lectures at the University of Leiden located in Netherland Frederick William During my free time I explored the Leiden observing the commercial life and seafaring power of the Dutch Frederick William The experience made a lasting impression on me by the time I left which later pushed me to build an active navy that chartered Dutch ships and the African Trading Company which brought in moderate amounts of profits Frederick William How did you become ruler Was it an easy process Were you expecting to rule I am part of the Hohenzollern family the ambitious ruling house of Brandenburg Prussia and imperial Germany Colon Jose et al Hohenzollern dynasty My late father George William was in poor health so during the year 1640 I succeeded him at twenty years old when he passed away Roider Frederick William Colon Jose et al 

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