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Timothy Keller's Center Church targets the role of the church in today's society and politics

Introduction Timothy Keller's Center Church targets the role of the church in today's society and politics The text is divided into three sections The Gospel The City and The Movement Though each section thoroughly explains the doctrine as it relates to today The City places emphasis on how to evangelize culturally For one to be effective when engaging with society research indicates the individual must be present practice discernment develop theology find courage speak clearly and love Keller declared if we are not deliberately thinking about our culture we will be conformed to it without ever knowing it is happening never the less the word declare that spiritual being should not conform to the world How can one establish change in society if there is no distinction between the behavior and minds of society and the church We as spirit led individuals must be intentional in our thoughts and our behavior Change is birthed by presence presence is formed through vision and vision comes from thought In other words the ambassadors of the gospel must be present before a shift can take place In Acts the fifth chapter the very shadow of Peter brought healing to the sick If Peter made his presence known the sick would have never experienced change This task sounds simple enough but being present in the world these days is made difficult because of the Christian sub culture the church has created around itself Being present means being a part of the community God has sent you to not just the community he wants you to help create 

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