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A Period Of Transformation Peter the Great

A Period Of Transformation Peter the Great was an exceptional leader of Russia Even though he did not always think of the people he transformed and modernized Russia The time period that Peter the Great was the leader was from 1682 1725 During his reign he modernize Russia and created a very strong army Peters reign was known as the period of transformation To start he moved the capital Enough work had been done on this new town by the serfs he placed to work and create the capital Peter named the capital of Russia St Petersburg which he named after himself With the founding of the new capital it was now a major European power politically culturally and geographically Also the place Peter decided to build this town was intentionally built so it blocked the entrance for enemy attacks Peter also transformed the culture and society It took 25 years but he altered every aspect of Russian life from the government industry technology education and culture For education he modernized the Old Slavic Church alphabet which helped understand European books and it also encouraged the first Russian newspaper and the creation of Russian Academy of Science 

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