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This is your doubleplusgood Big Brother Speaking

Attention comrades Attention This is your doubleplusgood Big Brother speaking Does anyone of you know what glorious event is on the horizon Our fenomenal and strong army is finally close to defeating the Eurasians Those who for years have been trying to take away our food supplies our clothes our children Those who many years ago with ungood reasons sacked and destroyed our cities and raped our wives and enslaved our children because of their endingless hunger and jealousy Those who we call barbarians because they are evil in the soul and are corrupted to the heart and are consumed to the bones by a cruel and egoistic beast called capitalism This is something we are fighting to destroy and eliminate from the face of the Earth Anyone who has ever been in contact with such a beast needs to be sent to the joycamps and cured in the miniluv In addition as you all know Ingsoc invented airplanes thinkpol pencils shoes and print and it is thanks to its inventions together with my predictions and strategies that all this progress has been made and the percentage of poverty has fallen to a doubleplus low number Let me ask you a question comrades

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