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I tend to examine moral grounds of humanitarian Intervention

In my essay I tend to examine moral grounds of humanitarian intervention I will start with observing the term of just cause then will give definition to humanitarian intervention and will move to examine the question why HI is so relevant these days and why it s seen as controversial topic I will do it by providing arguments and counter arguments In this essay I will argue that humanitarian intervention can be morally and legally justified in certain circumstances which I will analyze in the main body of my essay Humanitarian intervention is considered to be a hard test for international community built on principles of sovereignty non intervention and non use of force But after Holocaust focus was shifted towards human rights genocide conventions and protection of non combatants Bellamy and Wheeler 480 just ad bellum I will start my argument with defining and examining important and crucial terms that cannot be omitted when we discuss humanitarian intervention We can consider war as just when it meets certain requirements 1 jus ad bellum that is just cause 2 it is approved by legal authority 3 those who conduct war have just motives 4 the principle of proportionality the costs incurred by the war are not disproportionate in comparison to the wrongs that justify the waging war 5 war is the last measure to address 6 war has chances to meet its goals 7 its aim is a fair peace Caney 2005 191 192 As I said at the core of Just War Theory lies the principle of just ad bellum just cause It provides cases when it is legitimate to start war 

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