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Directive communication Style

When I took the communication style assessment it gave me the directive communication style The defining qualities of this communication style is high dominance and low sociability with the high dominance it means a directive person enjoys asserting their command and enjoys taking on challenges to exert their excellent problem solving skills Directives also show a great deal of productivity to succeed in their goals because of the firmness they exhibit in their relationships which can sometimes be a negative attribute when they aren't sensitive enough in their leadership to create and inviting warm work environment I only somewhat related to my communication style in the ideal that I am very assertive in succeeding in goals and problem solving but I don't think I am so asserting that I become insensitive to one's feelings I have always been known to be sociable charismatic and energetic as well as headstrong and proactive by most of my peers When in a romantic relationship I tend to be the assertive more dominant person by being the one to make the first move planning dates or worrying about our finances I also happen to be the more talkative social one in the relationship Another example of my love of challenges is I waited 6 years to go to college after receiving my GED so when I started at college I promised myself I would walk out of that semester with a GPA of at least a 3 5 It was not easy getting back into the swing of school and learning but I walked out of last semester with a 4 0 which was exactly what I had worked so hard to achieve I do feel that I do sit high on the dominance spectrum but I do not believe I should be on low sociability I feel as though 

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