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The Maya and Aztecs were advanced Civilizations

The Maya and Aztecs were advanced civilizations that were from the new world They developed many things that we use today The two civilizations show us that they both were similar in their way of life As we discover more about them we start to notice a few differences about the two civilizations Today their civilizations are located in what is now today Mexico The political similarities between the Aztec and Mayans were that they both organized labor for large projects such as the step pyramids for their gods associated with the sun moon and the rain Although their pyramids were designed slightly different both cultures constructed geometrically precise pyramids out of stone Their pyramid both played an important role in their lives because citizens were required to visit the pyramid for religious ceremonies throughout the year Priests would burn incense sacrificing slaves or war captives praying and making other offerings Their offerings would usually be blood or human sacrifices The political differences between the Aztec and Mayans were that the Aztecs were able to form an empire while the Mayans didn t The Aztecs formed their empire with three other city states They formed an alliance to gain political military and economic control on their neighbors The Mayans never had a unified political structure or a single supreme ruler Even though the Mayan people shared a common culture the city states remained separate each having their own ruling dynasty 

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