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Chapter 10 of the Das Kapital written by Karl Marx

Chapter 10 of the Das Kapital written by Karl Marx represents the protracted study and influences of thirty years of experience that the author has a share in relation with historical and social forces along with a Capitalist economy that shares the interaction of the individuals within and outside of trade This volume was published in the 18th century when the division between the classes was more profound and industrial labor was more terrible It must keep in mind that all Karl Marx s work in Das Kapital was to revolutionize the industrial labor and concerned system that were linked with to industries at that particular time It also accounts for the critique of a system that has established such kind of squalor for so many of the poor workers in Europe This paper will critically analyze the Karl Marx The Working Day Individuals mostly believe that labor power was sold and bought at its value as resolute by their work timings which are necessary to produce it However the number of workers needed to accomplish a particular task was not necessarily equal to the amount of the work that they have done on that specific day Most of the times that working hours exceeds of which author quoted as The time more than the necessary labor time is surplus labor 

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Odysseus Good Leader or Bad Leader

Evan Mays Odysseus Good Leader or Bad Leader The setting for chapter nine of the Odyssey surrounds Odysseus journey to the island of the Cyclops and their encounter with the people known as the Lotus Eater and the Cyclops The chapter gives an insight to several of the qualities of Odysseus good and bad Some of these qualities will be considered judging whether they make him a good or bad leader There is evidence in the chapter to support the view that Odysseus was a good leader who cared for his men

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