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Hypotheses Using Statistics

There are two cases studies that we must solve using the one sample hypothesis to decide which will be the best decision The first case is the Election Result that we will be using the a 0 10 as the significant level a As we will conduct a one sample hypothesis to test and determine if they will announce the winner of the Republican and the Democrat candidate after the poll closes at 8 00pm The second case we are presenting is the SpeedX and we will be using the excel spreadsheet as well with the 0 10 and the significance level a However the plan is to do the one sample hypothesis test to determine if we can convince the CFO to conclude the plan if it can be profitable Elections Results This election results of two candidates that have a chance of winning which is the Democrat Al Gore and the Republican George W Bush in the exit poll having a sample of 765 voters In the sample of 765 there was 358 voters who voted for Al Gore and 407 for George Bush Now that we have the sample and how many people voted we can now see how the 0 10 significance level and if Bush will win with more than 50 of voters One candidate from the election will win if they get over 50 of votes So far we can now apply to test the proportion to test the hypothesis

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Life is about Serving God

o something that I've been thinking about for a while is what is the point of life Well I've found a few different things that I feel like is something that might help me and other people understand it better Yes I know life is about serving God or whatever your beliefs are but sometimes I and other people have doubts about this Like how the bible was created by man so how do we know everything is true We never know they could have put something in that they want people to believe in or maybe even made it all up There is no real evidence of anything we just believe it It s kind of like rumors people who saw it tell someone else and then that person makes the story more interesting than tells someone else then that person changes something about the story and tells someone else and it keeps going

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