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Psychology is a culmination of other Philosophies

Psychology is a culmination of other philosophies theories and subjects a Most of the concepts in psychology can be traced back to ancient religions and philosophy i Because psychology is so cumulative it has been hard to make one specific and integrated theory 1 Each theory is then tied to different subareas a Developmental b Cognitive c Physiological d Social psychology 2 Why there is a contention between clinical researchers and clinical practitioners in the subfield of abnormal psychology a Both feel that they have the dominant expert knowledge in the field i Known as the scientist practitioner gap b Each have their own ideas theories and their own way of researching i Most often leads to not working together and doing their own thing as well as competition against one another 3 Professionals who study certain abnormal behaviors tend to not notice these behaviors in themselves a However in order to fully understand these things we must first start by looking within ourselves i By coming to understand ourselves we gain self knowledge and allows to have empathetic understanding of those around us 4 When working with others who have abnormal behaviors a Should think of first as human beings with some type of disorder i Dehumanizing the person takes away from our empathy of the person 1 Takes away from ability to help person 5 Divisions in disciplines and their effects on the field a Different names and definitions for things depending on the discipline i

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