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The volume and variety of data available by the Companies

The volume and variety of data available by the companies today is startling The huge gap between data acquired and information generated is widening due to the lack of new techniques This intrigued me to develop both analytical and business skills right through my professional career My long term goal is to become the CMO of a large Indian Internet company such as Flipkart or Zomato where I redefine marketing by leveraging data to deliver Omni channel user experiences Given the nascent boom in the E commerce space of India which is poised to grow 10 to 15bn measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns is a key focus Marketers rely on different platforms to run their campaigns where the data is fragmented in silos making it difficult to make informed decisions In 2016 I proceeded to take up the role of a Junior Business Operations Associate at Roofwala a highly successful startup dealing with online construction material supply in South India The intriguing role made me appreciate how certain insights could streamline and improve the functioning of an organization drastically My duty is to perform sales crediting and quota setting as per the client's requirements 

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