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The Vietnam War Consisted of Many Battles

Battles Some of the main battles of the Vietnam War are Khe Sahn Hamburger Hill and La Drang The War was a long drawn out conflict that matched the government of North Vietnam and its allies in South Vietnam against the government of South Vietnam and its ally the United States The War started in 1954 although the conflict lasted a while In January 1973 the United States and North Vietnam made a final peace agreement ending all hatred between the two nations The Battle of Khe Sanh began on January 21 1968 when the North Vietnamese army attacked the U S Marine garrison at Khe Sanh For the next 77 days U S Marines and their South Vietnamese allies fought an extreme battle It was one of the longest and bloodiest of the Vietnam War The battle began with a quick firefight involving the 3rd Battalion 26th Marines and a North Vietnamese army dug in between two hills northwest of the base The next day North Vietnamese ran into the village of Khe Sanh and their long range artillery started shooting at the base itself hitting its main ammunition dump and detonating 1 500 tons of explosives The Khe Sanh army stayed down in their trenches and bunkers The siege was finally lifted on April 6 when the cavalrymen met up with some of the Khe Sanh army

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