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In my paper I will discuss Alkalosis and Acidosis

I will define respiratory alkalosis respiratory acidosis metabolic alkalosis and metabolic acidosis Identify at least three or more common causes for each condition Describe the compensatory mechanism including whether the kidneys or the lung assist Describe the treatment mechanisms for each condition and how older age compromise the acid base balance process The normal pH range is between 7 35 and 7 45 Alkalosis is when the blood pH is higher than 7 45 and acidosis is when the blood pH is below 7 35 An acid base imbalance could be caused by pH a concentration of HCO3 and Pco2 The change in pH can be caused by the Pco2 or HCO3 being out of normal range If there is an imbalance in the pH it could be caused by a base which is an excess of acid or alkali or the imbalance could be caused by some other condition or disease You have to maintain a normal blood pH in order to process the right amount of oxygen to the tissue Respiratory is a change in Pco2 and metabolic is a change in HCO3 There are two categories of acid base disorders Respiratory which is affected by the breathing or some type of lung disease and metabolic which affects the kidney Compensation occurs when the valve is in the normal range When the valve is not in normal range then no compensation will occur Respiratory alkalosis causes a decrease in systemic arterial blood Pco2 and an increased pH if there is no compensation 

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Finding a flawless way to stop drug use among high Schoolers

English Final Notes Finding a flawless way to stop drug use among high schoolers is a lost cause due to the many loopholes and defects Drug testing students is expensive and the funds could be better used elsewhere and because students are minors drug testing would not be effective because a lot of families would not consent and the process of getting laws passed that allows for testing would be a hassle Drug tests are not always accurate and are very easy to bypass Drug tests in schools are mostly urine tests which if you research it there are plenty of ways to pass them also for a common substance THC only shows up for around three days in urine test considering marijuana is not addictive many students will not use it every day and there is a great chance that the students will not have a positive reading on their testing even if they have ingested marijuana recently Drug tests can not test for the most accessible legal for adults in every state drugs which are alcohol and nicotine the most popular drugs among high school students because it can maybe get you a ticket but if its not used on school grounds probably nothing will happen to the students who use them 

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