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President Lyndon Baines Johnson signs the voting Acts

Today on August 6 1965 President Lyndon Baines Johnson signs the voting acts rights guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote but many events had to occur for this to have happen One of the events that have happened occurred was in US Alabama when 25 000 people had participated in an 80 km march that was led by Martin Luther King Jr in order to fight for the right to vote This had all started when on October 7 1963 when only 2 percent of the eligible black voters managed to register a vote September of 1965 when marches and demonstrations over voter registration prompt Alabama Governor George C Wallace to ban nighttime demonstrations in Selma and Marion Alabama Biography Com I as a member of the black community feel that black people are being treated very unfairly Everybody no matter what race or beliefs should be able to vote Even though a lot of people believe in this idea a lot of people oppose this idea 

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