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Who Was Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was a born in Genoa Italy and was born in 1451 He married the daughter of the governor her name was Filipa Moniz He had 2 sons named Diego and Fernando Columbus Fernando was born out of wedlock in 1488 with Beatriz Enriquez de Arana His parents Susanna Fontanarossa and Domenico Columbo were both born in Italy and so were his three brothers Bartholomew Giacomo Giovanni and his sister Bianchinetta His real name was Cristoforo Colombo which he was named in Italy In Spanish he was known as Cristobal Colon He died in 1506 at the age of 55 of heart failure and was original was buried Carthusian monastery in Seville and then was dug up again to be taken to Santo Domingo and then was dug up for the second time because the French had took over the Caribbean and was moved to Havana After the Spanish American he was finally layer to rest in the cathedral in Saville He is most famous for his voyage and discovering America His Adventures Before the Voyage to America Columbus was a teenager when he first set sail his first voyage was to the island of Khios witch is now known as Greece and that's what made him want to go to Asia One of his voyages almost cost him his life he was just sailed of the cost of Lisbon and the French pirates blew up his ship and burned it he had to swim to Lisbon were he married his first wife He also went on 5 other adventures all throughout 

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