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Tourism is a large part of the economy in Martinique

Tourism is a large part of the economy in Martinique It is considered by many people to be the best Caribbean vacation destination Its white sand beaches warm waters and coconut trees draw many many tourists each year Their vacation resorts are considered world class and there are many private island for rent The average temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit so lots of people go there in the winter to stay warm and comfortable There are also many cruises in the area that wealthier people go on for fun Language The main language spoken in Martinique is French but you can hear locals speaking Creole as well They speak very little English on the island French is the official language of Martinique Currency The main form of currency in Martinique is the Euro because it is part of France which is a part of the Eurozone in Europe Right now one United States dollar equals 1 22 euros Interesting Features Some interesting features of Martinique include Le Memorial de l Anse Caffard the Diamond Rock beaches such as Anne Couleuvre Anse Noire and La Pointe Marin There are also many historic sites such as Habitation Clement Chateau Dubuc Ft St Louis and La Savane des Esclaves 

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