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What is the act of Remembering

This section explores the following questions with an overview of the conceptual frameworks metaphors intentions and technologies of Memory What is the act of remembering and what is memory in the acts of memorialization within the framework of qualia and death as the negation of life framework How does this definition relate to the desire to matter to its mediation and commodification at the interfaces What is its contribution to the articulation of the consciousness of the possibility of dying construction of the definition or representation of Death to the establishment of Borders When we mourn in solidarity for the death of someone or groups of people on social networks what are we really memorializing and remembering and how Memory has been a source of knowledge action and experience in Western thought and the act of remembering has been the means for crossing the porous conceptual borders between now the past and the future as well as between the dead and the alive Memory as a source of true knowledge has been questionable because it has always shifted with and reflected the mentality ways of governance and power relations of its times and it has been shaped experienced and expressed by media technologies

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Nursing and Midwifery Code

According to the Nursing and Midwifery Code NMC 2015 of professional conduct it is a requirement for nurses to update their knowledge and skills through regular learning and professional development activities to help maintain and improve care and develop their competence Nurses spent most of their time caring for patient and are required to make decisions regards to patient care and sought solutions which are based on the best available evidence Therefore it is imperative that they are familiar with evaluating whether available research could be used in their practice To do this nurses need to be familiar with research appraisal According to Gerrish and Lathlean 2015 research appraisal help the nurse to ascertain whether the finding is credible and can be applied in their area of practice or whether the research is flawed Parahoo 2014 highlight the importance of nursing research as a way of generating knowledge to contribute towards the growth of nursing practice The aim of this report is to explore the chosen topic and using the acronym GRADE to identify knowledge and evidence that informs healthcare disciplines to undertake and plan research activity reflect on research theory and forms of evidence Additional appraisal and ethics will be discussed and finally to assess how Personal Development Plan helped in preparing research awareness and how database support selected topic Generating a focus of enquiry

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