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Funds is one of the most important factor for a project to become successful Even if we have a brilliant idea and technology but if we do not have the funds to implement it then it is of no use In today's world people are becoming more and more innovative and enthusiastic and are indulging themselves and investing a lot in new projects In the recent times there have been many emerging sources of funds for new projects Many countries are moving from closed market economy to open market economy They are implementing reforms and legislations in order to attract foreign investment In order to cover up for the insufficient public funds and the growing demand for the infrastructure project funding etc the government is seeking the aid of private sector financing Yamuna Expressway that connects Greater Noida with Agra is a very good example of Public Private Partnership Many new companies have established themselves in the recent times Emerging companies face many hardships and challenges while arranging funds for their venture in the competitive market Venture Capital helps these companies to survive in the competitive world Venture Capital is financing where the investors provide funds to startup companies and small business which are expected to have a long term growth To go by the reports of Perquin Venture Capital financing has grown dramatically over the last decade The venture capital industry in India has reached new heights

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