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Software-intensive systems are never built Overnight

Any software moreover a complex software intensive systems such as AML ones are never built overnight It usually takes a lot of planning interactions with the financial institutions and testing to be able to come up with even an initial version of the application Developers software quality assurance QA if implemented should follows comprehensive standards in ensuring that the application built satisfies the requirements Once the software products are delivered to the market the internal QA function completes its purpose and it is up to the customers to assess and evaluate the attributes of the software that satisfies their requirements When the business purchases COTS in reality they acquire a black box of functionalities which in theory satisfy certain requirements the buyer has no access to source code Consequently the risk for defects not discovered or fully addressed during the development as well as the validation the correctness and fitness for using the software product based on real world cases and environments as opposed to documented specifications becomes a sole responsibility of the business that purchases that product This transfer of responsibilities for such high risk and compliant driver environment like AML represents a high inherent risk 

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