Essay Examples on Naval War College

He was forced to stay in homeless Shelters

As he lacked a job and was extremely poor he was forced to stay in homeless shelters During his time in office he looked towards these years as went he first cultivated his anti Semitic views In World War I he served in the German army Although Hitler spent much of his time away from the front lines he was present at a number of significant battles He was given many medals for his bravery he received multiple medals for his bravery during battle While he was being treated from a poison gas attack when he discovered germany s defeat he became overwhelmed with emotion As it reinforced his extreme patriotism He believed that the German army had been betrayed by its civilian leaders and germany s marxists He found the Treaty of Versailles extremely degrading and bias towards germany the demilitarization of the Rhineland and that Germany should accept responsibility for starting the war After World War I Hitler returned to Munich and continued to work for the German military He main purpose was to monitor the activities of the German Workers Party During this time he adopted many of the anti Semitic nationalist and anti Marxist ideas of the party s founder 

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