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How does the elderly cope with death dying and Bereavement

How does the elderly cope with death dying and bereavement When talking about elderly we are speaking about people that are eighty five years or older Just based on this knowledge alone we know that elderly has seen a lot in their lifetime and have stories they can tell Elderly adults have gone through their own losses throughout their life time they can be a loss of a child sibling parents and their spouse The elderly has more resilience when it comes to coping with death dying and bereavement The first loss every elderly adult has coped with is the loss of their parents This will happen when they are still young and they will not cope very well with the loss This can hit them like a ton of bricks and in any situation of loss you want your close family and friends there for support I personally witnessed this with my mother who is a middle adult and lost her dad which is my grandfather and having me there for support even though we were both going through tough times was something that helped her The next loss and elderly adult can go through is the loss of a sibling This can be just like losing their parents except different because you grow up with your sibling Everyone knows that when we have a sibling we all start out as not friends you fight all the time Well this goes for any sibling but once we grow up we get a long and become friends after all that Then you remember all the times that you fought over stupid things 

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