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This study aims to investigate the role of interactional Feedback

This study aims to investigate the role of interactional feedback TIF on student's writing ability in FL context According to Paul 2011 feedback is delivered in order to make decision for identify the error It is the informations that will be found during conversation Thus feedback will be hint when students make errors in their works of writing Moreover Yoshida 2008 stated that feedback is having important role It can help students to know how far they mastering what their teacher delivered Providing feedback on student's writing product is an essential task for both teacher and student in FL context Al Jarrah 2016 According to Bijami Kashef and Nejad 2013 in Maharani and Widhiasih 2016 feedback is considered as a dominant component in increasing student's writing ability Learning commonly requires feedback about the impact of one s action which is possible to drive learners to advance their ability DePasque and Tricomi 2015 In addition Klimova 2015 stated that feedback plays important role in developing student writing ability in order to improve the accuracy of student's writing Student is expecting the reaction from their teacher even though they hand in a piece of paper This issue has been a controversial issue for many years because many teachers in FL context underestimated the power of feedback 

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