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Philippine Education System A Catalyst for the Filipino Nation

Philippine Education System A Catalyst for the Filipino Nation to Progress Education is a tool for preparing towards being effective and productive when it comes to social relations It is basically a social institution that shapes the minds and behavior of the people in a certain nation The education system in general has two different structures which are the formal and the non formal Even if the two structures differ from their means it also shares the main goal which is to educate people for the progress of a nation Formal Education The formal education can be synonymous to school It covers traditional school system which sets definite goals and objectives reached through systematized formal instruction It can be achieved in stages which usually range from Nursery Kindergarten Elementary Junior and Senior High Schools Undergraduate degrees to Doctorate Upon entering into schools it requires more admission procedures that need several documents and fees tuition and other school fees allowances etc Non formal Informal Education Informal education is most likely the first type of education that one can attain before entering in schools because this can be acquired by learning through interactions with others

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