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Haryana is located in the northwest of India

Haryana is located in the northwest of India and was earlier the part of Punjab and carved out on 1st November 1966 85 area of Haryana is under cultivation 78 of its population is engaged in agriculture Haryana state is the second largest contributor of food grains to India But condition is very bad in case of fundamental services just like the other most underdeveloped states of the country Haryana state is located between 27º 39 and 30º 35 N latitude and between 74º27 and 77º36 E longitude with just 1 37 of the total geographical area and less than 2 of India's population Almost 1 3 of the total area of the state falls in the National Capital Region Haryana has urban population of 88 lacs which is 35 of total population Urban population has seen growth of 44 in past decade Haryana has 1652 75 square kilometers of urban area Rural population is 16531493 which are almost more than the double of the urban population which is 8805356 out of total population Water Supply Status in Haryana There are various water sources in Haryana but most of the population of the state depends upon tap water supply Although there is other alternate sources of water supply such as tube wells hand pumps canals and ponds etc

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