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Aristotle’s Understanding of Tragedy

Aristotle’s Understanding of Tragedy Aristotle 384 BC 322 BC one of the ancient Greek sikatalamians one of the greatest philosophers scientists and educators in ancient world history was a student of Plato Marx once described him as the most learned figure of the ancient Greek philosophers and Engels also called him Hegel an ancient man Aristotle was hard working for his whole life and wrote a large number of books his book is an ancient encyclopedia His political thought is a precious and outstanding cultural heritage of mankind and it is very realistic to study and concisely Aristotle's political thought represents the highest achievement of the ancient Greek political thought and is the summary of the political culture of the ancient Greek city state The book Poetics were written by Aristotle after he traveled to Gentile and returned to Athens that it was the crystallization of his mature aesthetic thoughts One of the most important part of Poetics is the tragedy theory in detail and in depth and systematic exposition from Aristotle In Aristotle's opinion tragedy has formed in six different elements which are plot character language thought spectacle and song Aristotle has mentioned in chapter 6 and 7 that tragedy is the imitation of a serious complete and certain length of action its medium is language with a variety of melodious sounds which are used in various parts of the play the method of imitation is expressed by the actions of characters rather than Narrative cause compassion and fear to make this emotion raised to a higher level 2 66

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