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The book presents an initial understanding of Research

Theory Problem Statements Research Questions The book presents an initial understanding of research into Public Administration and Public Management The text has been written for undergraduate students in Public Administration and Public Management it also provides guidelines for researchers as well as students active in various related disciplines including legal academics sociologists as well as political scientists The book is meant to be a practical guide towards conducting research using scientific tools and methods Its contents are divided into chapters based on the related stages of the research process All studies start out with the formulation of research problems and this is well presented in the research introduction which discusses the specific features of studies in public management including research in emergency management and policy van Thiel 2007 The aims of the study including its outline are also presented in the book The second chapter presents the research problem along with the process of selecting and formulating the research problem including the development of research aims including the research question van Thiel 2007 

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Be Good to Your Kids Serial Killers Have Traumatic Childhoods

Be Good to Your Kids Serial Killers Have Traumatic Childhoods INTRO Keith Jesperson was born on May 6th 1955 to Les and Gladys Jesperson in Chilliwack From a young age Keith entertained himself by torturing and killing animals His parents weren t too disturbed by his behavior His father Les Jesperson even bragged about witnessing his five year old son suffocating a cat Les Jesperson was an abusive alcoholic and frequently lowered his children s self esteems and self worth with his words and his fists Les also was this way with women As a result of his troubled upbringing Keith was bullied in school and was kind of an outsider Eventually he became friends with a boy named Martin who would often blame Keith for his mistakes On top of being physically and mentally abused Keith was also very close to being sexually abused by his neighbor By the time he was 15 he had attempted to kill someone two times Twenty years later he committed his first successful murder Keith raped and killed Taunja Bennett by physical force and strangulation He murdered seven more women over the course of five years and in several states He is currently serving many life sentences in the Oregon Department of Corrections Krueger et al Although Keith had an extremely painful childhood that lead to a criminal adulthood his children didn t suffer the fate he did Melissa Moore one of his children grew up got married and had children of her own

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