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Student aspiring to pursue masters of Engineering

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I wish to introduce myself as an intended student aspiring to pursue masters of engineering in automotive engineering for the year 2018 at your university I always believed that curiosity of man has been the key stone of world s advancement Inventions are made from the need of mankind inventions produce unique pathways to the evolving technology I trust that engineers alone have the ability to perceive the importance of sustainable technology for the future generations I was consistently excited in gaining knowledge of the subject and to involve the new transformations in automobile industries For this I wish to take step ahead and pursue my graduate studies in your esteemed university During and after the course which would surely contribute in widening my current knowledge on automotive territory During budding stages of my education my parents acted as driving force behind my acts and they always gave me the best My school also gave me ample opportunities to work in my interests My teachers guided me to participate in the science fairs at Inter School Level During my twelfth grade 

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