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This is a world in which robots are used instead of human

This is a world in which robots are used instead of human beings for the companionship Science is the major factor in the transformation of our lives In the previous era technological achievements were not in our approach but now in this modern world these are in the grasp of a human being In this age a man travels throughout the space and the genetic engineering has made the revolution in the world through its wanderers A man has made progress in nuclear but this is the age of war and everyone is snatching from others Global warming the arms race and war situations are upbringing chaotic factors in this age However despite this advancement man is alone These all efforts are fruitless because it makes the existence of humanity a question Man produces everything for his comforts but poverty disease and destruction still persists in society The control of the natural world is useless for us because our society is dominated by insecurity and enhances the feeling of loneliness and separation Alienation is a term which is mostly used for the meaning of estrangement separation the aloofness of one person to others or with the society First of all Hegel and Karl Marx came across the concept of alienation 

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