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We contain multitudes

We contain multitudes wrote Walt Whitman We see ourselves differently in various different contexts finding answer to the question Who am I is a struggle that everyone goes through The answer to the question is linked to your personal identity the answer to the question is how others will see you For people who are overly concerned with other people s impressions on them or for people who feel that a core aspect of themselves such as gender or sexuality is not being expressed this struggle is acute To be able to grasp and analyze the identity one must first know what it is There had been numerous studies done about identity through the years but never was there one concrete definition for it Despite the vast and broad ranging interest in identity the true concept of it remains something of an enigma The definition of it is fluid and largely contextual Philip Gleason had said that the definition of identity we use is not well captured by the definitions in dictionaries 1 Though everyone knows how to use the word properly on everyday conversations it had proven to be difficult to give a short and adequate description that encompasses the the broad spectrum in which the word is used If in need of a definition one would look in a dictionary There are multiple definitions available some more complex than others The most relevant one can be found in OED 2nd edition 1989

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