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Indian American author poet and professor Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Indian American author poet and professor Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni left Calcutta West Bengal when she was only 19 years old of age to pursue her education in the land of dreams the United States of America Once arrived Banerjee had to work countless jobs to earn both her master's degree at Wright State University and a Ph D at the University of California where she majored in English Benerjee is the co founder of Maitri a helpline founded in 1991 for South Asian women dealing with domestic abuse she also serves on the advisory board of a similar organization in Houston Daya Banerjee works on the recognizable board of Pratham Houston a non profit organization who works together in order to bring literacy to millions of disadvantaged Indian children Her starting career began as a poet in where she released 2 famous poems Black Candle and Leaving Yuba City that gained recognition of several award titles Her short stories have been published in over 50 magazines Her collection of short stories Arranged Marriage was first published in 1995 where she won multiple awards like the Bay Area Book Reviewers Award PEN Josephine Miles Award and even the American Book Award Banerjee s novel The Mistress of Spices was released as a film of the same name in 2005 in addition her novel Sister of my Heart was made into a television series in Tamil and aired in India now her novel One Amazing

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The Twistleton Plastics Glass Other Salvage Materials Yard

There was rock music coming from somewhere inside The Twistleton Plastics Glass Other Salvage Materials Yard The bass from the subwoofers vibrated so much it shook the pavement as we skidded to a halt and dropped our bikes in front of the gate Seth and I inched to the office through piles of parts and smashed cars missing back tires Evening Eli Twist s slow talking uncle grinned He wiped his grease stained hands on his striped overalls Spotted any ghosts Not yet sir Seth said But it s only a little after six The junkyard was a family business Eli collected the inventory Twist cataloged their collections and helped with odd jobs around the yard and his aunt handled the customers Oh fantastic my favorite detectives have returned Aunty Lila said strolling out of the office in her flowered bell bottom jumpsuit and matching headband She flipped a switch and the music stopped Come in Let me fix you some supper Seth nodded and said We'd love to come in A few minutes later we were sitting next to Twist at the table in his mobile home The place was really only one long room with a kitchen in the front and two bedrooms and a small bathroom at the rear so small that to shower you had to raise your hands above your head Burgers okay Aunty Lila asked Fried meat Seth said That d be fine The FBI SWAT fitness plan strictly prohibits fried anything I reminded him Your head is full of workout weights Twist s aunt slapped a pan on the stove and started grilling

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