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Technology has not always been praised for helping Children

English Literature and Composition 22 January 2018 Technology has not always been praised for helping children go to sleep or participate in exercise but it has been praised in one specific way helping children with special needs My brother John has Autism Children with Autism which ranges in severity have a difficult time communicating and creating relationships John is on the high end of the spectrum causing him to be voiceless have epilepsy and insomnia Because he can not speak John resorts to yelling when he wants food when he is hurt and even when he is just playing Not being around John all the time can make it confusing for somebody to make sense what my brother is yelling about Since he can not speak John has been placed in speech therapy in hopes that he will find his voice one day As somebody who has a special needs sibling my family and I are always looking for something to make my brother's life and learning more accessible and of higher quality Many years ago technology such as iPads and SMART boards did not exist or were not being used to aid special needs students learning For kids who cannot speak who understand everything going on around them but just happen to be nonverbal there are high tech devices that can provide them with a voice Humienny For students like my brother John iPads would be a tremendous step forward in his learning Fortunately technology can be captivating for both kids who have and do not have special needs in the classroom 

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