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Pakistan Facing Water Crisis

Pakistan Facing Water Crisis ISLAMABAD Barely 15 days old Kinza whines at an Islamabad healing facility where she is experiencing looseness of the bowels and a blood disease a minor casualty among thousands tormented by Pakistan s extremely dirtied and diminishing water supplies Shrouded in a beautiful cover Kinza moves in moderate movement similar to a little doll Her mom Sartaj does not see how her little girl turned out to be so sick Each time I give her the container I heat up the water she tells Be that as it may Sartaj and her family drink every day from a stream in their Islamabad neighborhood one of a few conduits going through the capital that is gagged with foulness Heating up the water can just do as such much They are not the only one More than 66 of family units drink bacterially tainted water and consistently 53 000 Pakistani youngsters kick the bucket of looseness of the bowels in the wake of drinking it says UNICEF Instances of typhoid cholera looseness of the bowels and hepatitis are uncontrolled As per the UN and Pakistani experts in the vicinity of 30 and 40 for every penny of sicknesses and passings across the nation are connected to poor water quality What's more it is costing the creating nation billions In 2012 the World Bank which has cautioned that generous ventures are expected to enhance sanitation assessed that water contamination costs Pakistan 5 7 billion or almost four for each penny of GDP 

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Raspbian Operating System

Method Firstly set up raspberry pi with Raspbian operating system The operating system download on the official raspberry pi website Then the operating system burn to SD disc The disc is placed on the raspberry pi Then power is connected on the pi Then install Adafruit library on pi terminal Download putty software to connect laptop onto the pi and also install Xming software for using the laptop display as the pi display Now the raspberry pi connect to the local Wi-Fi network Use advanced IP scanner to find the ip address of pi Then using this ip address to connect the pi using the putty and xming software Then it connect the cayenne Iot server IOT dashboard Cayenne by my Devices is totally free online builder they do not yet make it paid services because they working on it to make more reliable and stable when they release stable version may we have to pay for this cloud service Currently in Raspberry pi version which has Lil bit bugs but not too worried about final version they will make it bugles online portal Feature of Cayenne My Device IOT Dashboard Remotely access Pi from Mobile and PC Reboot Shutdown Pi Remotely add sensors actuator extensions and design dashboard for Raspberry pi add widgets with drag and drop feature Remotely monitor live data from sensors and actuator Control sensors actuator with dashboard GPIO Best thing is that for you Automation Projects you can make the trigger and add the schedule Let's start how it is work with Raspberry pi Configuration of Cayenne Raspberry for Home Automation Cayenne is IOT based dashboard so you need hardware which can be connected to the internet for this purpose you need Raspberry Wi Fi or Ethernet Shield The important thing is how to configure Cayenne IOT dashboard for Raspberry pi I make this guide step by step to understand easily who not know much about IOT but want to learn Step 1 First of all you need a working internet connection then create a free account on Cayenne

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