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The Washington Times published this article regarding welfare reforms

The Washington Times published this article regarding welfare reforms slightly before The Washington Post and thus before the Camp David talks began to set the year s legislative agenda Even so three days has done much to change the viewpoint of the president regarding the issue as portrayed in the media In this article Miller expressed Trump s intention for siding with Paul Ryan to push for welfare reform However in order for this to happen they would need the support of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R KY While McConnell is a loyal Republican Party member he is not willing to waste energy on an issue that will not pass without bipartisan support which seems unrealistic One of Trump s promises during the 2016 election was that he wouldn't touch Social Security or Medicare but Paul Ryan is continuously pushing for the implementation of work requirements in welfare programs While this may be a scaled down version of what he wanted it still toes the narrow line of what Trump promised Nonetheless the Republican Party can't do much without Democratic support in the narrowly divided Senate chamber The only way to accomplish this is by using budget rules known as reconciliation to prevent a filibuster 

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How to Become a Better Entrepreneur Using Basic NLP Techniques

How to Become a Better Entrepreneur Using Basic NLP Techniques Successful people always seem to fall into a type Whatever their area of expertise is they always seem to give off the same vibe They re eloquent speakers with the power not just to sell their products but to sell us on their story These are people who leaped through obstacles equipped with only their talent passion and dedication They wholeheartedly believe in their advocacy in themselves and in the strength of an individual Take any big name out there and they probably tick off a few of those traits Which is why if you re an average person who's just starting out it could feel intimidating to try and join their clique You might own a business but shy away from the term entrepreneur just because you don t fit the type Well what if someone told you that you could become the type That you could be that confident archetype and all it would take is a little bit of mogul whispering Or well it's more therapy than whispering but the point stands If you re asking how then the answer is with neuro linguistic programming Neuro linguistic programming NLP is a way to bridge the gap between intent and realization It incorporates a variety of techniques to ensure that your conscious wants and goals are properly transmitted to your subconscious actor

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