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Cloning of humans Hereinafter I will discuss the Canadian Regulations

I have received your letter and understand you have some questions about the cloning of humans Hereinafter I will discuss the Canadian regulations pertaining to the cloning of humans social aspects ethical aspects and further elaborate on legal aspects on the practice of human cloning The term cloning describes a number of different processes that can be used to produce genetically identical copies of a biological entity The copied material which has the same genetic makeup as the original is referred to as a clone National Center for Biotechnology Information 2006 para 1 Clones do occur naturally however when talking about artificial cloning there are three different types gene cloning reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning The cloning of humans refers specifically to reproductive cloning To perform reproductive cloning scientists extract a mature somatic cell for example a skin cell from organism they wish to clone in this case a human Subsequently scientists will remove the DNA containing nucleus from a host oocyte egg cell and inject the DNA extracted from the donor organism s somatic cell This process can be completed in one of two ways The first way utilizes a needle to remove the DNA from the somatic cell in order to inject it into the oocyte The second tactic employs an electrical current to coalesce the complete somatic cell to the empty host oocyte Both methods allow the oocyte to develop into an early stage embryo in a test tube before inserting the oocyte into a mature female 

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