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Ten Greenpeace activists dressed up as polar Bears

Ten Greenpeace activists dressed up as polar bears to protest against Arctic drilling they ended up getting arrested however lots of the general public witnessed it Another public stunt was to dump a coach sized polar bear sculpture outside Shells headquarters in London Again this was to expose offshore drilling this caused huge exposure as the story was getting broadcasted on news sites such as the Telegraph and BBC news They then switch to their second attack which is normally a post on social media and to also upload a video which gains millions of views I don t think my work will be as big scale as this however it does make me ask questions about how can I take my work in a similar direction to hopefully gain traction On one hand The Winter Alliance wants to gain as much notoriety as possible through social media spreading their messages at public events Where as Greenpeace are aimed towards the shock factor and getting people talking What do these campaigns lack The Winter Alliance lacks notoriety and they don't have a logo or any imagery associated with them they need a brand and recognisable imagery in order to succeed Greenpeace has notoriety through years of campaigning but it lacks a consistent style I reached out to

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