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Fashion is a noun and it means A popular

According to the Oxford Dictionary fashion is a noun and it means A popular or the latest style of clothing hair decoration or behavior Be that as It may I believe there is more to fashion rather than the models clothing and runway fashion shows in which people seem to think about when the word fashion is brought upon Raf Simons who is one of the most prominent clothing designers of this generation once said I don t want to show clothes I want to show my attitude my past present and future I use memories and future visions and try to place them in today s world The influential designer is articulating how he uses clothing to bring past and present ideas to fruition To completely grasp what fashion means one must understand the multitude of factors that influence fashion whether that be social trends or the media itself Fashion can be used as an outlet for self expression that ultimately reveals the character and personality of a person It promotes individuality self expression self confidence and will continue to evolve Fashion is eternal Everyone has a distinct sense of fashion and is entitled to express themselves in whatever way they feel like Inspiration can be found through hobbies music and other people It can be seen as a form of communication where people are able to convey how they feel and show their interests People incorporate their own life experiences and beliefs through fashion since it is a part of their everyday life Two factors that directly impact fashion as a whole today are trends and the media Most people tend to adhere to what is popular in society so if a specific trend is popular people will try to include it in their lifestyle 

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