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The poultry industry is the most effective and economical Source

Poultry industry is the most effective and economical source of animal protein in shortest possible time Poultry producers are looking for some substitute of chicken meat which in the future will come in the form of pigeon and quail meat to contribute towards the increase in gross domestic production GDP through livestock sector Basit et al 2006 Urquhart 1996 Pigeon are probably one of the most common nuisance birds Pigeons have adapted to life in the city and they seem to be everywhere in urban environments Unfortunately the bird lovers of the world feed them and they have developed a dependence upon people thus reinforcing their dependency upon urban areas They roost on signs ledges almost anywhere and they bring nesting material and leave droppings everywhere Pigeons can carry or transmit encephalitis histoplasmosis Newcastle disease pigeon ornithosis cryptococcosis pigeon coccidiosis toxoplasmosis pseudotuberculosis and salmonella food poisoning Pigeons can also carry fleas ticks mites and other parasites Balicka Ramis et al 2007 Rehman 1993 It was shown that birds harbor ticks fleas mites and other ectoparasites 

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