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The Interesting Narrative of The Life of Olaudah Equiano

Olaudah Equiano in his story is kidnapped from his home in African and thrown into a life that he was not expecting He is a slave for a total of ten years and tries to take on certain traits and customs of the people he is surrounded by He tries hard to improve himself and learn Christianity and adopt western culture However Equiano still tries to hold on to a some of his African heritage In the narrative he tries to keep the African part of him pure and innocent He does this because he finds that European culture often lacks those qualities This does leave him conflicted in the end between his native African self and his adapted English self Olaudah Equiano adopts Western habits while saving several of his African values This makes him a man mixed with two cultures but not necessarily belonging to either During Equiano s long journey to many different countries he learned of western culture and customs Even though at first when he was enslaved he was frightened of the Europeans he begins to see them as people he admired and were truly smarter beings So he starts to learn and practice their culture He starts to educate himself and learn their language and learns to read a write in the process He also eventually learns about 

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Whether or not GMOs are good has stirred up Controversy

Whether or not GMOs are good has stirred up controversy in scientific communities A GMO genetically modified organism is a plant or animal that has had its DNA altered by people Bessen 2015 Although the contributions made by genetic engineering are widely accepted in the field of medicine they have raised many concerns in fields of agriculture and nutrition In this essay I will explore the reasons that which the use of GMO s is actually positive These arguments will include the benefits of GMO s in areas of agriculture medicine and how this technology can help conserve the environment With the help of GMO s agricultural producers have been able to control the traits that are expressed in their crops Genetic engineering will benefit agriculture by increasing the yield and quality of crops protect and in turn improve the industries in which they are used For example crops have been engineered to contain a gene from the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis better known as the Bt gene This gene is capable of producing a toxin that kills small insects and is commonly found in insecticides WHO 2014 When plants are engineered with to produce the Bt gene themselves there is no longer a need to spray insecticides on them 

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The short history of the ELT Departments

The short history of the ELT departments in Turkey shows that there have always been a general concern and criticism about the quality of teachers novice or experienced and programs graduating those teachers Many attempts and major efforts have been made to update and upgrade foreign language teaching First teacher training institutions evolved into universities in the 1980s and in those years there were great content differences among the ELT programmes Ülgü and Er 2016 Later with the association of the Turkish Council of Higher Education and World Bank some restructurings were made in education faculties in 1997 to provide a sufficient number of teachers after the compulsory elementary education period increase from 5 to 8 years Deniz and Şahin 2006 Another set of restructurings followed them in 2006 to do the necessary updates and to give priority to practicum and to increase school experience courses Salihoğlu 2012 Uztosun and Troudi 2015 After the 12 year compulsory education a lot of foreign language teacher education departments were opened as a result of the increasing demand Ülgü and Er 2016 However foreign language teaching has still not gone beyond making learners acquire only some vocabulary and grammar in spite of the money time and effort spent on these regulations Grossman and Sands 2008 It was observed that learners could not acquire necessary communication skills emphasized by the Ministry of Education even after long years of instruction from grade 2 to tertiary level which might be the result of limited and mainly reading grammar and vocabulary based teaching and evaluation of the teachers who were taught and evaluated the same way

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