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A business model needs competitive Advantages

A business model needs competitive advantages to growth or to survive in the market According to Harvard Business Review 2008 Customer value proposition is one effective way for a company to achieve this target by word means to provide what customer needs in a case to solve their problem Comparing to 1900s when the companies created products by the efficacy of the product as product positioning industries have shifted to create a product that helps the customer getting the job done in recent years as customer positioning because of customers desires are fulfilled by solving their own problem People have different needs as CVP helps a company to target specific segment for example a good that solves a specific want for public or a tool that solves all purpose in a niche market and also differentiates the product than its substitutes including enhanced performance or better packaging as an extra value which creates competitive advantages than others resulting in a higher market share and loyalty consistently Company with CVP is not only a value deliver in the current market but also a value creator create needs for customers which creates a new market for example before Apple Inc announces iPhone the smartphone market did not exist One of the key concepts of customer value proposition is the firm shows the competitive advantage there are three types of CVP 

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