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According to Torrington and Hall Performance management Systems

COMPENSATION AFFECT PERFORMANCE FINAL PROJECT Performance According to Torrington and Hall Performance management systems are increasingly seen as the way to manage employees performance rather than relying on appraisal alone Such systems offer advantage of being tied closely into the objectives of the organization and therefore the resulting performance is more likely to meet organizational needs Similarly according to my perception performance is explain as a integrated and strategic approach to convey a continued success to organizations by updating the performance of the employees who works in them and by developing the abilities of terms and contributors Compensation In simple words compensation is all things that a company offers to its workers on the behalf of their expertise and quality time When organized the right way compensation money can be strategically planned to reduce turnover promote employee engagement and attract the right talent The main reason of compensation management is to make the most of company money in a way that rewards employees for their work Or compensation is the payments of cash and non cash that you pay to your work force in return for the work they do for your business Compensation is more than an employee regular paid wages It's also includes many other type of wages and benefits Compensation effect on Employee Performance

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