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Endosulfan is highly lipophilic persistent organic insecticide

Endosulfan is highly lipophilic persistent organic insecticide it can lead to bioaccumulation and bio magnifications resulting in to harmful effect on target and non target organisms It is one of the more toxic pesticides responsible for many fatal pesticide poisoning incidents around the world Several studies summarising endosulfan can cause biological effects that include endocrine disruption neurotoxicity hepatotoxicity and genotoxicity along with increased oxidative stress and cell death Bajpayee et al 2006 Silva et al 2009 Sohn et al 2004 Endosulfan also a xenoestrogen it can imitate or enhances the effect of oestrogens Varayoud 2002 and it causing reproductive and developmental damage in both animals and humans Endosulfan shows a wide range of acute sub chronic and chronic toxicity in insect and mammals including human its acute poisoning results in a 30 or higher death rate Moon 2009 In the recent years the US Environmental protection Agency and the EU classified endosulfan as highly hazardous while the world health organisation classifies it as Class II moderately hazardous

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