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The scope of practice for nurses describes their range of responsibilities

Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice Jennice Massana Carrington College Sacramento RN 202 Nursing Leadership Management I Dr Okekenta January 1 2018 Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice The scope of practice for nurses describes their range of responsibilities including procedures actions as well as the extent and limits of what medical interventions a health care provider may perform within their professional license The American Nurses Association ANA was established in 1896 and is responsible for developing the nursing scope and standards of practice for Registered Nurses The ANA is the voice of nursing nursing world org It is a professional organization to promote strengthen and protect the profession of nursing and is composed of groups and individuals who have member or affiliate status In contrast the National Association of Licensed Practical Nurses NALPN addresses the Licensed Vocational Nurses LVN s nursing practice standards While there are some similarities within the RN and LVN standards and scopes of practice there are differences as well as it relates to clinical practice The two standards I will be highlighting are education and leadership Naturally education is required for both Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses in order to meet the qualifications necessary to sit and take the state board exams with their respective National Council licensure entities And that is pretty much where the similarities end RN s can either obtain a two year associate s degree or four year bachelor s of science in nursing nursejournal org There are more opportunities available to RN s that possess a BSN which would be essential if a nurse wants to pursue advancement into management opportunities
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