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The Federation of Malaysia a relatively new State

The Federation of Malaysia a relatively new state was only founded on September 16 1963 Prior to the addition of two new states to the country in 1963 it was actually also known as Malaya under British rule until its independence on August 31 1957 Al Jazeera 2013 One of the many states that endured its shift to statehood in particular is known as Malacca or Melaka and has been the site of many historic events emblematic of Malaysia s pre history The most notable figure in Malacca s history is arguably its first Sultan and founder Parameswara who is commonly thought to have been influential through his influence of the cultural political and societal fabrics of contemporary Malaysia through his supposed conversion from Hinduism to Islam Al Jazeera 2013 However the collection of primary sources detailing his rule are limited in that the Malay Annals are unique in that they constitute the only available account of the history of the Malay Sultanate UNESCO 2001 Therefore other states accounts of interactions with Parameswara have been used to fill the historical gaps More precisely the other two most noteworthy categories of accounts of Parameswara s life are considered to be the Ming dynasty records and various Portuguese accounts Low 2009 Intriguingly the sources provide conflicting details and potentially put into question the scope of Parameswara s influence The Ming dynasty records came to be as while under the rule of Parameswara Malacca grew into a prominent trading ground for traders from across Asia notably India Arabia and China As a result many 

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