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War has become a constant in daily News

War has become a constant in daily news If there is no War in Middle East Africa is burning If these does not appear in the news then be sure to find how North Korea is planning on attacking U S or some stories on NATO War is the order of the day There are numerous innocent casualties in these wars begging the question whether the rules of a just war are applied The death of a single person is as a huge loss as that of several People should feel the agony of losing a single life If wars mean death of people whether innocent or guilty then they should not have a place on earth There are numerous other ways in which differences can be settled These approaches should be sought and applied War is used to settle grievances between two parties however many others are caught in between and their lives are changed for the worst For this reason any war either using principles of war or not should not be allowed The innocent casualties and huge loss of property show that the principles of a just war have failed in guiding states on how to make decisions on going to war Principles of a just war recommend that a war be allowed only as a last resort This principles therefore guides states to consider war in every decision they make 

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